New Toyota Camry Photobooth iPad and touch screen app connected to visitors details

-iPad app connected to touch screen to take pictures of visitors to the camry event and backend script to email the taken pictures to the registered visitors email address.
-google analytics were implemented to see how many visitors opened their email and how many shared their pictures on social media , also tracking extended to seeing how many people viewed the shared links on social media .fxcam_1329411870106__large image_1__large image_2__large image_3__large image_4__large

33rd anual international conference at Crown Plaza Hotel guest registration and access to session management.

1- Web app to manage and import guest list and registration to different sessions , access to restaurants and gifts according to membership and category .
2-iPad app connected to the same database to scan QRCodes on the visitors badges and allow the eligibility of each visitor to enter a certain session , have lunch at a certain restaurant or pick up a certain gift and then checking him into those certain places , later we can export the data and see which guest attended which session at what time and guests were given points according to their attendance and checked in time .
– the whole conference was managed through a single iPad app installed on 20 different iPads all connected to the same backend and web app .
more than 2000 attended that conference and the registration process , checking in process was very smooth through the iPad app in spite of the large number of guests.



Cisco ITOX Interactive wall stand and Mindwave game through iPad app.

1-Interactive 4K display with content controlled through iPad app going through different scenarios for Cisco’s vision for new City planning .
2-Mindwave game on touch screen with iPad app reading attention , calmness and eye blinks through Neurosky Mindwave accessory device connected through bluetooth to the iPad , Scores were sent to the touch screen leaderboard .
3-iPad app had a component for getting new social posts on twitter and Instagram with the event hashtag and approving them to go live on the big screen.

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NTC Tour Dubai Touch Screen app for T-Shirt Customisation Printing

Our team built a touch screen application with ventuz technology to customise the text to be printed on the nike T-Shirt given to participants , the application connects to a local server and the printing station opens a web app to see which custom text belongs to which participant id .
we printed over 500 T-Shirts with text customised by the participants ,I’m sure those T-Shirts will be spotted all around Dubai by girls who were participating in the event while working out at the gym or running on the streets.



Nestle Nido Mother’s day Pledge collector iPad app and Pledge Counter and displayer iPad app “Mar. 2015”

Collecting Pledges through iPad app.
Official website pledge description :
Today, we’re asking mothers like you to expand your love to children around the region, because not all kids have access to a healthy nutrition. In the Middle East, malnutrition still affects the health and future of our children.

We believe that with the power of a mother’s love and NIDO® FortiGrow, we can make a difference to this generation tomorrow. With every pledge you take, NIDO® will give 7 glasses of milk to a child who needs it.

With your help, we aim to collect ONE MILLION pledges, so that 7 million glasses of milk can be provided for such children. We will be distributing these glasses at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan to children in the Middle East who need this nutrition. It’s only your love that will make this possible.