Nestle Nido Mother’s day Pledge collector iPad app and Pledge Counter and displayer iPad app “Mar. 2015”

Collecting Pledges through iPad app.
Official website pledge description :
Today, we’re asking mothers like you to expand your love to children around the region, because not all kids have access to a healthy nutrition. In the Middle East, malnutrition still affects the health and future of our children.

We believe that with the power of a mother’s love and NIDO® FortiGrow, we can make a difference to this generation tomorrow. With every pledge you take, NIDO® will give 7 glasses of milk to a child who needs it.

With your help, we aim to collect ONE MILLION pledges, so that 7 million glasses of milk can be provided for such children. We will be distributing these glasses at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan to children in the Middle East who need this nutrition. It’s only your love that will make this possible.